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We are here to help


We know that  many people find it hard to know where to turn and don’t know what support and advice they might need when they  or a loved one, has been diagnosed with cancer. We believe no one should face cancer alone,  so we provide emotional support through counselling and complementary therapies to the patient, their carer and their children. We can help with every stage of cancer whether you have recently been diagnosed, are recovering from treatment or are facing a recurrence. We first began offering cancer care back in 2004 and since then our centre has helped many people. Our  services are provided free of charge and we rely on the donations from supporters and fundraising events. We provide the support that local families deserve.




We have a professional team that provide support to patients and families at such an important time in their lives, our team focuses not only on the physical needs of the patient but also on the social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their cancer diagnosis.





All Our Services Are Free Of Charge


We provide a home visiting service for people who are unable to leave their home as a result of their illness.