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Group Therapies


Prostate Cancer Group

This six week course, aimed at men diagnosed with prostate cancer, provides education and support, as well as the opportunity to meet other men in similar situation and share experiences.

Grant Aided By ICS

Pelvic Floor Exercises

These exercise classes help pre and post cancer or any pelvic operation.

Strides For Life

This is a 15 week personalised walking programme. Exercise has being shown to improve quality of life for cancer survivors and is hugely beneficial both physically and mentally.

Grant Aided By ICS

Thrive & Survive Programme

This is a 6 week  programme which give participants the skills to coordinate all the things needed to manage their health, as well as to help keep active in their lives and relationships. Participants learn new knowledge, acquire skills in using strategies and techniques, and gain higher confidence and motivation to manage their health after treatment ends.

Living Life Programme

This 8 week programme aims to provide people diagnosed with secondary cancer information, support and an opportunity to meet with other people who have had a similar diagnosis.

Grant Aided By ICS

Staying Well At Home Programme

This programme is a day service enabling palliative patients to have an improved quality of life.

Delivered on behalf of  Laois Hospice

Caring For  A Person Diagnosed With Cancer

The carers group provides coping strategies for the carers of people diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Early Menopause

A programme which provides information for women experiencing early menopause due to cancer treatments.

Climb Programme

This six-week programme is designed especially for children of primary school-going age (5-11 years) who have a parent or a significant adult who has been diagnosed with cancer. The sessions are designed to be fun and involve discussion, art and play to assist children to understand and express the feeling they have.

Bereavement Group

This programme is for  those bereaved by cancer.

Nutrition Talks

We hold nutrition talks for both clients and the general public a number of times through the year.

Osteoporosis Talks

Chemotherapy, steroid medication or hormonal therapy may cause osteoporosis which is the thinning of the bones. We hold osteoporosis talks  for both clients and the general public a number of times through the year.

Group Relaxation Therapy Classes

Group sessions to teach relaxation through Yoga and Art.

Mindfulness Programme

This four-week programme provides techniques that focus on the emotions, thoughts and sensations enabling you to live more fully in the now.


Yoga sessions are gentle and calming and aim to refresh your mind, body and spirit. The class focus on breathing awareness, gentle classical yoga movements and a deep relaxation practice, helping you find a place of quiet and calm within yourself.