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Our Story

Our Story

The development of the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre was spearheaded in 2004 by local Hospital Consultant, Mr. Peter Naughton and an  active Board of Directors.

Start up funding  was provided by Laois Hospice, Le Cheile and Laois Cancer Research. three local organisations with a strong commitment to improving cancer care in the region.

Intially the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre opened in rented premises AND  in  2007   moved to a new, purpose built premises, at its current location. The Bulk of the funding for the new centre came from the local community through a variety of fundraising events.

Annual running costs are in the region of €200,000 and this is primarily funded by community fundraising. Annual support funding is generously provided by the following:

  • LAOIS HOSPICE                         €9,000
  • IRISH CANCER SOCIETY         €20,000 (APPROX)
  • LOTTERY                                       €4000

No funding is received from the Department of Health or the HSE.

Since that beginning the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre has grown EACH year and provides support for hundred’s of people annually. The Cuisle Cancer Support Centre provides emotional support to people affected by cancer including those who care for them, from the time of diagnosis, throughout treatment and afterwards.

This gentle and caring support takes place in a confidential, professional and non judgmental environment.

Board Members:      P.J. O’Gorman, Chairman

                                          W. Telford, Secretary

                                           N. Kavanagh, Treasurer

                                           P.M. Naughton, Medical Director

                                           L. Byrne

                                           A. Brennan

                                           K. Finane

                                           S. O’Donoghue

                                           J. White