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The Cuisle Cancer Support Centre, our vision is that no one affected by cancer should have to face that journey without appropriate care and support.

When making or updating your Will you should, of course, take care of your family and friends first.

But then please consider leaving something, no matter how small, or whatever is left, to the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre.

Most of us will be in a position to give more in our Will than we could ever give while we are alive. Remembering us won’t cost you anything in your life time but will help ensure that our work will continue to benefit people with cancer and their families for generations to come.

Gifts in a Will are an important source of income for the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre, helping us to make long-term plans to best support men, women and children affected by cancer.
Some people choose to let us know that the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre has been remembered in their Will. Others prefer to keep their wishes private, leaving it to their executor or solicitor to inform us when the time comes.

As part of our commitment to you, we promise to use any gift we receive wisely and effectively.

For further information, please contact the centre on 057 8681492. Leaving a gift can make a real and lasting difference. Thank you so much for thinking of us.