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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to questions we are frequently asked. If you have a question not addressed here, please contact us.


Q1. Do we pay for this service?

A1. All services provided are free of charge and are funded by the voluntary donations.

Q2. When can I come to your centre?

A2. Anytime after you have being diagnosed with a cancer diagnosis.

Q3. Can any of my family members avail of the services you provide?

A3. Yes – all family members are welcome, while caring for a loved one with cancer.

Q4. Is there any support group for children?

A4. Yes – we run support group for children whose parent or siblings has had a cancer diagnosis.

Q5. Is there support for teenagers?

A5. Yes – we run a support group specifically for teenagers who have being affected by a cancer diagnosis in the family.

Q6. If I get a secondary cancer diagnosis do you have any support for this?

A6. We run a secondary cancer support group along with individual therapies and counselling.

Q7. If my treatment is over can I attend the centre?

A7. Yes – Life and health after a cancer diagnosis is supported in our centre.

Q8. Can I fund raise for your centre?

A8.  Yes you can. We appreciate all fundraising events that are done on behalf of the Cuisle Cancer Support Centre. All monies raised goes directly towards patient comfort. Please contact 057 8681492 for further information.