Who we are

The Cuisle Centre was founded in 2004. It is a registered charity offering professional support to people diagnosed with cancer and to their families. The Cuisle Centre has both a structured and an informal approach to each person’s care. People are encouraged to use the centre on an informal basis where they are able to meet professionally trained people in a relaxed, calm and homely atmosphere.

Who comes to the Cuisle Centre?

Anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer.
Family members and friends that are in any way affected by their loved one’s diagnosis.

Meet the Team

Staff group picture


Board of Directors

Mr. P.J. O’Gorman, Chairman.
Mr. P.M. Naughton, Medical Director.
Mr. W. Telford, Secretary.
Ms. A. Brennan.
Mr. K. Finane.
Ms. L. Byrne.
Mr. S. O’Donoghue.
Mr. J. White.