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Programmes and Workshops

Programmes & Workshops

Prostate Cancer Group

This group enhances your understanding of your prostate diagnosis, providing information  and sharing your experiences with other men in similar circumstance.

Grant Aided By ICS

Pelvic Floor Exercises

For pre and post prostate cancer treatments.

Strides For Life

This is a 15 week personalised walking programme. Exercise has being shown to improve quality of life for cancer survivors and is hugely beneficial both physically and mentally.

Grant Aided By ICS

Living  With & Beyond Cancer Programme

This programme has been designed to enable you to live with your cancer diagnosis and help you move forward.

Living Life Programme

This is for people with a secondary cancer diagnosis. It provides an opportunity to deal with the challenges presented by your diagnosis.

Grant Aided By ICS

Staying Well At Home Programme

This programme is a day service enabling palliative patients to have an improved quality of life.

Grant Aided By  Laois Hospice

Carers Groups

The carers group provides coping strategies for the carers of people diagnosed with advanced cancer.


Early Menopause

A programme which provides information for women experiencing early menopause due to cancer treatments.

Climb Programme

Helping Children Understand Cancer

This programme is fun and creative, using drama, arts and play and aims to help children cope with a cancer diagnosis or bereavement in the family.

Bereavement Group

For those bereaved by cancer. Grief is a natural response to experiencing the death of someone close and it is natural to struggle with this in the first months of bereavement.

Nutrition Workshops

Information on Eating Well & Staying Healthy.

Group Relaxation Therapy Classes

Group sessions to teach relaxation through Yoga and Art.

Mindfulness Programme

Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation, focusing ones awareness on the present moment, while calming acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thought, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.