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Core Services
By: Andrew Behan
In: Core Services
Jun 13, 2014

The centre is managed by a specialist nurse experienced in breast and Oncology medicine. Upon referral to the centre you will be given a consultation with the specialist nurse who will assess your needs, inform you of the services available and direct you accordingly.

Benefits Advice

Our advice officer will give you the information you need about the financial help available to you and will also help with the filling out of documents for medical cards, illness benefit and any other entitlements you may require.

Breast Care

Our Breast and Prosthesis service is provided one day per month by one of our Breast Care nurses.

Evening Support Group Talks

Talks on different aspects to a cancer diagnosis which can be attended by the public. These talks are held every 6 to 8 weeks. See our newsletter and Facebook for more information.

Support Groups

  • Stoma Care Support Group
  • Prostate Cancer Support Groups
  • Breast Cancer Support Group

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A programme has been put in place for our patients with lymphoedema. This programme gives intensive treatments two days a week for 4-6 weeks resulting in a quicker reduction in swelling, improving mobility and pain. The patient is then measured and fitted with a garment and returns for a review.


Three experienced psychotherapists provide emotional support by allowing you express your feelings and fears.


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