Classes & Workshops

Art Therapy

Our Art Therapist uses drawing, painting and other processes to help the person cope better with stress and work through traumatic experiences.

Living with and beyond cancer- Womens Groups/Mens Groups
This is a workshop with our expressive arts therapist. Suitable patients are selected for each workshop. This workshop helps them to live with the impact of their cancer diagnosis and to express their feelings in an environment which is not confrontational or threatening.

Caring for a person with a cancer diagnosis
This gives the carer the support of others in the group along with working through how the diagnosis affects them and other members of their family

Children who are affected by a cancer diagnosis
This workshop helps children deal with the impact of a cancer diagnosis in their home, giving them tools to help them cope with the anguish they have suffered.

Bereavement Group

Workshops which provide support and help to those bereaved, exploring their journey of grief and loss. This workshop demonstrates mechanisms that enhance coping for the bereaved individuals and helps them to process their grief.

Strides for Life

This is a fifteen week programme we run for patients who have finished all their medical treatments. It is a walking programme to help them regain their strength at a slow pace and become physically fit again. It also reduces the risk of developing other cancers.


Nutrition workshops areĀ about eating well and staying healthy. Our professional staff will answer your questions about your specific nutritional needs.

Stress Management

Stress management help you to recognise the signs of stress and teaches you to cope with stress.

Relaxation Therapy Classes

  • Yoga
  • Art
  • Crochet / Creative Textiles Making
  • Gardening