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We Are Here To Help

We provide counselling and free therapies to the patient, their carer and their children.

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We can help with every stage of cancer and at any stage of diagnosis.


Our services are free of charge and we rely on the donations from supporters and fundraising.

How can I help?

What you can do

We provide the support that local families deserve. We believe no one should face cancer alone. All of our services are provided free of charge so any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.

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A huge huge thank you.
On the 17th of January, Ms Smyth’s 3F CSPE class in Scoil Chriost Ri, held a bake sale in aid of the Cuisle Centre Cancer Support Group for their CSPE Action Project.
Everyone in the class supported this by either baking a variety of treats or by securing sponsorship from local businesses for raffle prizes. In the weeks before the bake sale, raffle tickets were sold, in addition to a novelty game “guess the number of sweets” both of which were hugely successful. We are very grateful to the local businesses and students who donated these prizes.
Finally, we were delighted to raise €500. The amount exceeded our expectations and we are proud to help fund some of the initiatives of the Cuisle Centre and the amazing work carried out there.
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Emily Griffey Haslam 😊

Leah Kelly ,😀

💕well done ✅

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Padre Pio Glove will be in the Cuisle Centre this Thursday 22nd March from 2pm. Anyone who would like to get a blessing is more than welcome to attend.
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Jen McFhionngaile

Bernie Murray, Mary Coss. Patricia Keating.

Fiona Murphy

Aodh Mcf

What time does it end please

Liz Sherlock

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Caroline Davis xxx

Johnny Waters this is the glove you had when in hosp

Mary Gorman Martina Lynam

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Martina Brophy

Rita Delaney-Pullan

Julieka Cahill Reid Alice Cahill Elizabeth Cahill

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The Cuisle Centre Cancer Support shared Mind Your Self Midlands's post.
The Cuisle Centre Cancer Support

A DIET that is high in processed foods is associated with a greater risk for Depression. Recent research conducted in Australia suggests that a Mediterranean type diet that includes fruit, vegetables, olive oil, wholegrains and nuts may reduce this risk.

This kind of diet provides such nutrients as fibre, tryptophan , magnesium and selenium. Tryptophan in particular is one of the building blocks for serotonin (a chemical that is believed to stabilize mood). Serotonin levels are depleted when we experience depression.

Most people have long understood the potential physical benefits of these kinds of foods. However, we now know that a diet that supports any other interventions designed to help depression (for example, medication and psychotherapy) is also good for the Mind.

So, next time you're in the supermarket...

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About us

We first began offering cancer care back in 2004 and since then our centre has helped many people. We have a professional team that provide support to patients and families at such an important time in their lives, our team focuses not only on the physical needs of the patient but also on the social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their cancer diagnosis.