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We Are Here To Help

We provide counselling and free therapies to the patient, their carer and their children.

Telephone Support

057 8681492
Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


Our services are free of charge and we rely on the donations from supporters and fundraising.

How can I help?

What you can do

We provide the support that local families deserve. We believe no one should face cancer alone. All of our services are provided free of charge so any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.

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The Cuisle Centre Cancer Support shared Dr. Paul Conroy Jessop Street Dental Practice's post.
The Cuisle Centre Cancer Support

1. Check your mouth before you brush your teeth. If you have a sore, ulcer, lump in your mouth, a sore throat or neck lump for more than three weeks, get checked by a dentist or doctor within seven days.
2. Visit your dentist regularly, at least once a year, even if you have no teeth and wear dentures.
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Note Risk Factors - HPV etc.

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Hannah Pauline Kelly...this is fir you!!!

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Support Group for Women diagnosed with Cancer is starting on
Wednesday 26th September at 10am.
This is a support group for women of all ages who have had a cancer diagnosis.
Please feel free to join our Yoga/Pilates class afterwards.
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Brilliant place so much love and care staff very friendly and full of kindness so proud of the centre

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About us

We first began offering cancer care back in 2004 and since then our centre has helped many people. We have a professional team that provide support to patients and families at such an important time in their lives, our team focuses not only on the physical needs of the patient but also on the social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their cancer diagnosis.